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Hammock Safety

Hammocking is undoubtedly one of the best ways to kick your feet up and relax, swing in the sun, or camp with your compadres. Who doesn't love laying back and looking up at a sea of stars, or taking in the view with a stream rolling in the background after all?

It is often thought that hammock-related injuries come from that "plop" when you miscalculate the placement of a strap or get a bit overzealous jumping in, and land swiftly legs up and rear on the ground. While this "plop" motion may result in your motion being the butt of a few jokes and subtle mockery among friends, a very real danger stems from selecting an unsafe place to suspend your hammock in the first place. Choosing a tree that is dead or unable to support your weight could lead to the tree snapping and falling on your causing very serious injuries or even death. While hammocking and outdoor activities in general do carry some inherent risk, this type of tragedy does happen more often than one would think.

Below we have listed some best practices for selecting a safe place to hang your hammock:

  • Choose two hanging points that are roughly 12-17 feet apart

  • Make sure that your hammock hangs at least 18inches off the ground, but isn't high enough to result in a fall will result in more than a bruised ego if you were to fall

  • Make sure that you use your factory supplied suspension system that was included with your product. DO NOT use eye-hook bolts inserted directly into the tree as it will weaken the tree

  • When choosing trees

    • Choose a tree that is alive and well (as a base, use the scratch test)

    • Choose a tree that is at lease 6" in diameter or greater

    • Check above your desired hammocking location to make sure that there an no loose branches hanging above, or anything loose that could fall onto your hammock

    • Know the types of trees that are indigenous to where you are hanging your hammock and choose appropriately those that are able to support your weight (some trees are more fragile than others)

    • Clear the area below your hammock of any debris or rocks that could cause a greater injury if you were to fall

  • Beware of any hammocking rules that may be present in your area and be sure to follow them (they are in place for more than ruining your good time)

  • Clean your straps after every use and inspect for any damages they may have endured during your hang

  • ALWAYS follow Leave No Trace Principles (a reference card with these principles is always included with your Two Tree Hammock, if you need a new one please contact customer service)